MDPE Pipes for gases and Fuels

MDPE Pipes for City Gas Distribution: PE pipes have proven its capabilities for gas distribution as many of the systems currently in use have been in continuous service since inception. The uses of polyethylene as piping material being liked by users in recent years as it offers advantages in costs as well as technical requirements such as lower permeation of gas constituents, lack of corrosion effects, flexibility of material, relining operation of old gas lines.

Westwell MDPE Gas pipes are manufactured from virgin high performing special grade raw materials in PE-80 & PE-100 grades as per IS 14885:2001.

Westwell gas pipes are designed and ideally suited for use in City Gas  distribution Systems and CBM Gas Gathering systems.

Westwell MDPE Gas pipes are approved with BIS licence as per IS 14885:

Features of MDPE Pipes:

  • Non-corroding against gas and external galvanic soil
  • Tough and highly reliable in aggressive
  • High resistance to chemical
  • Resistant to Slow Crack
  • Resists UV degradation when exposed to
  • Superior resistance to most solvents and chemicals it is likely to encounter in natural & manufactured


  • Natural Gas/ Vaporized LPG Conveyance and
  • Industrial Gases
  • Landfill & Leachate Gas Extraction and
  • Gas distribution and water distribution

City Gas Distribution


Drainage: A drainage layer for collection and disposal of the water flow is leaked from the membrane-permeable tubes comprises to a tube.

Drain Layer : Shedding filtering enabled infiltrated water collected by permeable layer.

Protection Layer : Sealing the floor is a layer that is used to avoid loss and damage.

HDPE pipes; good friction, wear and feature stainless.HDPE pipes; strong against microorganisms. Perforated HDPE pipes can withstand the chemical and biochemical effects.

Perforated pipes chronological, technological developments influenced positively and today has been one of the most preferred pipes. Today with superior chemical and physical properties, applications, storage systems, solid waste a perfect solution for a perfect application.