HDPE Sewerage Pipe

Westwell Polytubes HDPE Pipes Sewerage Pipe is the Number one choice for water & Sewerage:- The exceptionally smooth & non-porous bore of plastic pipes gives more flow per metre head/mm bore,when compared to ductile iron pipe. Superb corrosion & chemical resistance is another advantage shared by HDPE pipes. In Sewer pipes corrosion can occur because of chemical reactions caused by the biological production of sulphuric acid. HDPE pipe will not corrode, tuberculate or support biological growth.

Light weight, long lengths, resilience & flexibility, high abrasion & chemical resistance, seamless joint connections, long life, possibility of trenchless ducting make them the ideal solution for Sewerage lines


  • IS 14333, IS 10910


  • Available in straight lengths of 6/12 meters for all sizes and in coils upto 110 mm OD size.
  • Effluent Conveyance & Waste Disposal
  • Lining of Existing Sewerage
  • Chemical Conveyance
  • Dreger Pipes
  • Ash Slurry Conveyance
  • Mining

In several year HDPE are in use for drainage /sewerage/ storm water disposals due to their strength, durability, easy jointing systems and most cost effectiveness