Westwell Polytubes is into supplying of HDPE Welding Machines, HDPE Butt Welding Machine, HDPE Fusion Welding Machine, HDPE Pipe Welding Machine, HDPE Machine for Welding, HDPE Fusion Welding Machine.

Unique Features:-

  • 16 X 4 LCD Display Control Panel.
  • Cooling and Mirroring Countdown Timer.
  • Buzzer with Flash Light Indicator for Cooling and Mirroring Countdown
  • Micro Processor based Temperature Indicator cum Controller
  • High Pressure Hose with Quick Action Coupling.
  • Digital Pressure Indicator.
  • Individual Pressure setting for Drag and Welding(new).
  • Corded Remote Control with Forward / Reverse Function.
  • Adjustable 3rd Clamp for other Welding Applications.
  • Light Weight Alloy Casted Main Clamps and Inserts.
  • Inbuilt Tool Box in Power Pack Unit with necessary Spanners as well as Remote Holder.
  • Inserts for Different Pipe Sizes.
  • Light Weight & Handy Pipe Facer (Trimmer).
  • Digitally Controlled Heating Mirror with PTFE Coated Glass Cloth.
  • Facer — Mirror Carrying Case with special Insulated Jacket for Mirror.

Machine Set Includes:-

  • Basic Unit With 4 Main Clamp Set.
  • Three Phase Hydraulic Unit.
  • Adaptor Clamping Inserts for Different Pipe Sizes
  • Electric Pipe Facer.
  • Electronically Regulated Heating Mirror.
  • Stub End Attachment.