West Well supplies a complete range of high density polyethylene (HDPE) butt weld fittings with for use exclusively with butt welding. These fittings are often a preferred option for butt weld contractors as they are compact, easily stacked for simplified transportation and storage, and excellent for prefabricated pipe works.

Butt welding is a very economical and reliable jointing technique for making permanent welded joints by way of a thermofusion process, requiring only butt welding equipment. Both fittings with short spigot ends and fittings with long spigot ends are suitable for butt welding. Only pipes and fittings from the same wall thickness series can be butt welded together.

Concentric and eccentric reducers, reducing tees, 90° bends, end caps, female and male thread adaptors, and unions, are all part of the comprehensive range of butt weld fittings carried by Marley Pipe Systems.

Depending on the design and make, butt-fusion machines may or may not be capable of accepting fittings as moulded for direct welding to pipes. Marley therefore offers a range of long spigot fittings and ‘pupped’ fittings for butt-fusion systems to provide the greatest flexibility.

Pupped fittings are fabricated by butt-fusing (in the factory) 0.5m lengths of pipe to each leg of a spigot fitting, thereby allowing the straight length of pipe to be gripped by clamps of the butt-fusion machine.

The West Well butt-fusion system comprises of

  • Straight polyethylene pipe
  • Long spigot fittings
  • Pupped fittings

The welding is done with the use of hot plates and hydraulic jacks & aligners for higher diameter pipes. We carry turnkey job work for on site butt welding through a very specialised and well trained & skilled team.It is offered in customized options to our clients in their specific requirements.

Application areas

  • Water & gas Pipe lines
  • Chemical industry Pipeslines
  • Electric conduits
  • Sewerage lines etc.